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After underestimating the fatigue brought on by the second COVID vaccine, I missed last weeks round up: I’m back this week to share the latest in tech trends

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Apologies for missing last weeks round up. As mentioned in the tagline, I underestimated the second COVID vaccine and so health became the priority. I entered the COVID cut club, regrettably cutting off all my hair due to the notable absence of hairdressers availability even in regional Victoria at the moment.

Based on your feedback, I have decided to make some changes to the format of this newsletter. There’ll be two weekly editions to your inbox.

Quick Fix Tuesday will bring you the most important articles from the week prior, helping you cut through the noise and understand what’s actually going on in blockchain, crypto-assets and Web3.

Frontier Friday explores the implications of a topical issue, driven either by events the week prior, suggestions from yourselves, or because I had an itch to scratch and thought something was worth exploring.

I’m excited about this new format, and look forward to hearing more from you all about it. Without further ado…

Your Quick Fix Tuesday (12 Oct 2021)

Edward Snowden shared his thoughts on Dr Prasad’s NYT opinion piece on how a digital dollar could open up new monetary policy options for the US Fed. Specifically, commenting on Dr Prasad’s thoughts that a digital dollar could enable the Fed to reduce the holdings of citizens wallets thus promoting consumption and spending.

DAOs Will Eat The World by Joan Westenberg reminds us that “for the first time in history, a majority of Americans do not trust their country's democratic system.” Today over half are dissatisfied (55%). This provides an opening for new ways of coordinating resources - which is where the decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) comes into play.

Visa announces their entrance into the big crypto experiment with they money is evolving campaign. Visa has launched new developer APIs and education material aimed at making it easier for developers to support buying and selling of crypto-assets within digital channels.

A very popular Reddit thread shares astute warnings about the dangers of investing in the latest rage: NFTs. For those looking to enter any new crypto-asset this should serve as a solid warning: Only spend what you’re willing to loose and try and have some fun along the way. Because it is nascent technology, the world is still working this stuff out, and there are people out there who will take advantage of this for their personal gain.

Associate Professor Cagri Kumru of ANU published a short report summarising his analysis of the El Salvadorian experiment in adopting bitcoin as legal tender. In this analysis, he highlights the importance of remittances to El Salvador’s economy, contributing 24% of GDP, and consequently why this is actually an experiment in making remittances more accessible, convenient and affordable for their citizens. He closes by suggesting the El Salvador cryptocurrency experiment should not be seen as an example by countries who want to adopt cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

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